Acer Aspire Z5801

If there is one computing company that has produced excellent devices and yet is little known, it is Acer. Although the market share of this corporation is not miniscule by any chance, it stands no match to Dell, HP or Sony in the computers zone, or Samsung, Sony Ericsson or HTC in the mobile phone turf. In mobile phones, it has the amazing list of Liquid Metal phones, the Iconia marks the presence of the company in the tablet ground, and now Acer has “Aspire”d to enter the all-in-one computer segment which many large corporations such as Dell and HP are trying to capture. It has released the Acer Aspire Z5801 which is a really good piece of technology although it stands no match to a few of its competitors such as HP TouchSmart.

Processor plays a vital role in determining the overall functionality of any computing device and AIOCs are no exception to this golden rule. Acer has incorporated a decent Intel Core i5 2400 processor with a speed of 3.1 GHz which can be boosted to 3.4 GHz by overclocking the same. However, this is not an advisable move as it severely affects the normal functioning of the processing chip in the long run. Unlike the TouchSmart which has a really cool 8GB RAM for augmenting the speed of the processor, this one seems to have settled for a simpler 4GB one like the ones found in most notebooks and desktops.

The hard disk however, is quite capacious and voluminous as it can store about 1 terabyte or 1000 gigabytes of data. This is really huge for any standard computer but given the space advanced computing machinery such as the ones that run AIOCs seem to proffer, this is quite normal. Just make sure you don’t dump the memory with junk lest your processor get slowed down drastically!

For connectivity to the internet, the computer is blessed with Ethernet and Wi-Fi facilities; unlike mobile phones which have 802.11 b/g/n for WLAN, these AIOCs and any computer in general has only 802.11 n for the same. The Ethernet seems to be pretty efficient and easy to setup, so you should have no problem working with it, navigating to internet surfing.

For file transfer over wireless, the computer has features such as Bluetooth and for connecting to devices such as mobile phones and tablet PCs, USB ports are provided, which can also be used for connecting expandable memory devices such as external hard disks.

Graphics is an integral part of AIOCs and the driver that achieves the really great graphical interface that this computer has to offer is the VGA nVIDIA GeForce GT420 with a memory of 1GB exclusively used for graphics alone. A camera for video-calling is built into the façade of the device. For reading memory cards of the SD class (the ones used in cameras), a card reader has been built on the device very beautifully.

On the whole, the 24” screen fitted computer is awesome to work with, given the specifications that the system has to proffer, and is very much worth the money.