Acer Liquid E Review

If you are not so much into the looks of a phone rather into its features, you may want to consider Acer Liquide E’s aggressive capacities. Why? Because the design of its covers is like plastic in its glossiness and is so prone to marks and prints. Sure it is slim but careful handling should be undertaken when using it otherwise you will end up with torn-apart phone.

Putting the physical features aside, have look on the pull of its functions and application that makes it quite expensive compared to the cheaper yet very functional smartphones that are coming out. Liquid E is run by Android 2.1. And what is even more important is if is supporting applications if not the same but similar to an iPhone. Relatively, the display features of the phone are remarkable. It may not be as precise but it surely gives a contrast of colors that is an eye candy in itself.

The camera shots look so real in a 5 mega pixel resolution. However, with video recording, it is surprising that it still uses 640×480 VGA capturing. This resolution was popular back in 2009 and this phone as out in the market in 2010. The manufacturer should have gone higher with a better resolution for video outputs.
Acer has gone along way building its status in the PC industry. Their credibility as PC manufacturer is undoubtedly reliable. Now that they have tried to enter the mobile phone, specifically the smartphone arena, they might as well consider leveling themselves up with the best smartphones in the market when it comes to some of its features. And that is not impossible.

Commonly, the phone also supports connectivity such as bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi. Its 3.5 mm jack for headphones will also be enjoyable to the music lovers. It also has the pinch-to-zoom feature which is not available to some cheaper smartphones.

Finally, Acer Liquid E is a fair enough choice for quality and cost smartphone lookers.