Advantages of Using Linux

The Linux operating system is an alternative to the major Windows and Mac operating systems. It’s an open source operating system, rather than the copyright-protected options. Linux has been around a lot longer than Windows or Mac, and there are a few key differences between them. There are millions of users for all three, but people tend to have a preference based on their personality or what the main use of their computer is. If you’re trying to decide, you should keep in mind some basic advantages. Here are the pros of using a Linux operating system on your computer.



One of the most obvious benefits of using Linux is that it is free. The open source operating system doesn’t cost a thing for anyone to install, while Windows or Mac operating systems cost hundreds of dollars. You can install Linux on any computer anywhere. Even after you have purchased Windows or Mac, there are restrictions on distribution and use.

Open Source Code

The Linux OS is open source, meaning it is free and users have access to source code. This means users can alter and change it in any way. This makes it easy to customize, and it encourages constant improvement and development.  Users create and share multitudes of patches to the source code, and people who are very interested in operating systems can get some hands-on learning.


A lot of people enjoy Linux because they encounter less viruses or security threats. One of the reasons Linux is very secure is there are a lot of walls for viruses to go through, including a feature that requires you to enter your password before anything is downloaded. Additionally, because less people use Linux, there are simply less viruses that have been created for it. And if a virus does creep up, Linux users very quickly create patches for it – there is no long wait while Windows or Mac developers fix the problem.


The Linux OS crashes much less often than Windows or Mac. You can feasibly leave your computer on for weeks at a time without experiencing any slow-down in performance. It also runs very well with multiple processes and programs running at once. It can also better handle a large network of users. Old computers can find new life with Linux, as well, as they will run much better on this operating system than others.


There are thousands of open source programs available to use on Linux. There are comparable programs for all Windows and Mac software with all of the same functions, and they are free, too. You can search large databases of Linux programs, and there are many options to choose from. For example, you can pick from a large number of word processors, rather than being restricted to Word.


Linux users are an often tight-knit community. If you need any help with using Linux, there are a great number of forums and chat rooms committed to providing assistance. Just log on, and you can find a helpful Linux enthusiast to assist you. Because it is open source, the Linux OS depends on dedicated users to keep things running smoothly.

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