BlackBerry PlayBook

The choice of tablet is a personal one, but Blackberry users have many reasons to consider the Blackberry Playbook. I don’t like touch screens or movable parts on my phones. Tablets all have this issue for me but the PlayBook seemed to get less dirty than the others. This could be because of the smaller size or great pen I use. The rubber-tipped stylus pen is a must if you, like me, want to keep your screen crisp and clear. You will use your fingers for some things like Dead Space where you need to navigate and shoot, but the pen will extend the device’s life.

Software is a topic that we have to talk about; the iStore might have billions of apps, but how many of those are available to us inSouth Africa? The BlackBerry AppWorld is not region-locked, it shows you the application price inRandsand RIM are going to great lengths to have 3rd parties develop great application for the PlayBook.

The PlayBook just does it…from a business side it can be used without buying or downloading a single application. Out of the box Word, Excel and PowerPoint are already installed. The PowerPoint is view only but being able to edit my excel sheets on the fly is great! Open a PDF from an email with no license agreement. Play almost any video and music file right out of the box. There is even a mini HDMI port to push this out to an HDMI source.

There are also lots of cheap and free games to kill time on the train or in a queue, or even entertain the children in the car. Sure, this is available for most tablets, but the PlayBook’s Flash support gives it an added bit of ‘nice’. AppWorld cannot be downloaded though BIS and will require a Wi-Fi connection, but who does not have access to some connection somewhere nowadays? This might have been done to save the service providers a little.

There is some trouble for RIM overseas and but this is more good news for us inSouth Africabecause the price of your PlayBook will be a little less. During the recent two days of BlackBerry silence the PlayBook work just fine… there is more to it than BBMs.

For those that have a BlackBerry phone, there is no sense to go with another tablet as the integrating features just make your phone even more useful. Leaving the integration with native features, the PlayBook can tether with other phones and use there 3G to connect and download apps and data. Size is not an issue because the PlayBook is small enough to fit into your coat pocket, and I don’t have to play a movie for everyone on the train.

The tablet that you use at work, to organizing events, traveling or even just to play needs to fit in with you and I feel the PlayBook has enough of everything, and a bright future.

Verdict: Tablets may be a taste driven thing, but the PlayBook is the best choice for Blackberry users.