Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup Drive

Data restoring, backup and safeguarding of data is really crucial sometimes. Due to virus attacks, device memory corruption or due to other reasons we are unable to restore or back the very vital files or data. To overcome from these types of conditions, there exist many alternatives. One of the best alternatives of data recovery or backup is automatic backup drives. Furthermore, there are number of availabilities in automatic backup drives. The latest available automatic backup drive is Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup Drive.

These Clickfree Automatic Backup Drives are reputed all accords the globe because of its standard quality and technology difference. As its name suggest, these drives are wireless automatic drives used for restoring or data recovery automatically. Also, it is the main feature of Clickfree Wireless Automatic backup Drive that it works wirelessly. This drive’s network can cover up to 20 compatible or supportable PCs / Macs.

These kinds of drives are easy to use. You just need to select or choose the file types that you want to safeguard or restore. By specifying the file type, you can use the Clickfree wireless automatic drive’s efficiently. These drives are available in two different models depending upon the memory storage limit i.e. 500GB and 1TB. There is an enough difference between the prices of these two models.

The Setup or installation of Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup Drive is quite easy. There are few steps which you need to follow in setup. First step is to install the software provided with this back drive and perform an initial backup with the help of USB cable provided with it, then just plug this device to directly to mains and after that back up wirelessly. Also, there will be a menu bar that will be pulled down and allows you to manage few things like scheduling backups.

If you are MAC user then you can face problem like, the file which will be restored by Clickfree Wireless Automatic Backup Drive will not be at its original position. Also, in case, when all of its memory will full, it will not delete the oldest existing files by itself. The best price available for Clickfree wireless automatic back drive is around $179.98 to $249.99.