How to Customize Your Twitter Profile Page

Whether you are new to Twitter, or a seasoned user, you can greatly benefit (in Twitter-land) by customizing your Twitter profile page as much as possible. That is because potential followers will likely view this page to determine if you are follow-worthy, and you are up against a lot of competition. Your profile page should be uniquely yours, and there are some sure-fire ways you can accomplish just that. Here are some tips for how to customize your Twitter profile page.

Twitter help. Don’t forget that Twitter offers its users basic help from the Twitter dashboard. Using the help feature, you can find information on how to make simple changes to your profile page; however, for more customizing options, you’ll need to use the rest of these tips.

The background image. Of course, you can use one of Twitter’s premade background image templates (see the first tip) . . . but that’s not exactly “custom,” is it? The best way to create a custom background image is to upload your own picture, or choose an image from a site like (make sure you have the legal right to use said image). You can even customize your image (stretch it out, add text or graphics, etc.) before you upload it, using a program like Pixelmator. Here’s a tip: when choosing a background image, select one that fades to a solid color on the right side, bottom and edges, and that is most interesting (or visually appealing) in the upper left hand corner (as that is the portion that will be showing on your Twitter page).

The process. This is super-simple: click on “Settings” from your Twitter navigation bar, and then choose the “Design” tab to pull up your design options. From there, you can upload your customized background image, then choose your sidebar and font colors to compliment your background image.

Substance. Once you are confident that your Twitter profile page looks good, it is a great idea to also make sure it sounds good. That means your bio box should be customized to represent you and your unique perspective. Otherwise, your Twitter profile page will be all form and no substance, and that’s no fun.

Once you have acquainted yourself with Twitter and all it can do for you, customizing your Twitter profile page is the next logical step toward harvesting Twitter success. Use these tips to take full advantage of your Twitter profile page, and you’ll be amazed at how it may change your Twitter experience for the better.

About the Author: Jake Saechao loves writing about social networking and internet marketing. He is a Mac data recovery specialist by day and loves to build websites in his spare time.