Dell Inspiron One 2310 All-in-One Desktop Computer

Well, Dell! That says it all! Wow, that rhymes too! Dell has proven to be one of the finest manufacturers of computing products in the recent times; be it desktops, laptops, anything. As the tag line of the company goes, yours is choice, when it comes to Dell. You can suit the desktop or laptop to your use and optimize the budget that you have laid out. When it comes down to AIOCs (all-in-one computers) too, Dell’s policy of giving the customer the choice of specs is enabled. In today’s review, we will take a look at the Dell Inspiron One 2310 All-in-One desktop computer.

As it goes with touchscreen interfaces, it was love at first touch for us with the Inspiron 2310. The striking and vivid 58.4 cm (23”) WLED backlit display framed onto the 420 x 570 x 90 mm chiseled dimensions of the computer which weighs 8.95 kg (with touch enabled; without touch it is 8.15 kg) responded to our touches very well and it was very easy to setup too; just plug the cord and start working.

Users are given the choice of three processors, viz. Intel Pentium P6200, Intel Core I3-380M and Intel Core I5-480M. In our opinion, Pentium class of processors is outdated and I3 class isn’t what exactly can be called an ostentatious success in processing industry. Therefore, we would advise you to stick to the I5 version without any second thoughts. When it comes to operating system specifics, there is an option of choosing between Windows Home Basic and Home Premium. Though there isn’t much of a difference between the two versions, most users like to stick with the Premium version, thanks to the brand name.

Random Access Memory is advisable to be kept at 4GB for the fastest possible processing and data transferring speed, unless you know…crashing Windows doesn’t bug you a lot which we presume is an impossible situation. The computer allows up to 500 GB of hard disk memory in the form of SATA drives which can be expanded by use of external storage devices plugged on to the device via the USB port. For DVD/CD reading, an Optical Drive is present in the side of the computer, which can be ejected at will. It also allows you to write data on to disks.

Intel HD Graphics is integrated with the processor and for better graphical performance, the device is fitted with an ATI 1GB DDR3 Radeon HD 5470 graphics card. Here, we would have preferred a 5870 version of the same graphics card but nevertheless, this one’s good too. Conversely for audio, THX Audio is present which is output through a 2x4W speaker built into the monitor cum interface platform.

Ethernet and WLAN are enabled through proper drivers for each of them and the computer has a number of ports such as microphones, USB (4 ports in the back), audio, power port, VGA, HDMI, TV tuner, etc. A 2MP webcam is integrated into the display too! If bought online, the AIOC costs about USD 820.