The IT Department Has a Tougher Job Thanks to Technology

IT administrators are facing a constantly growing challenge. The larger a business or corporation is, the larger this challenge is for everyone that works in the IT department. This challenge has to deal with technology directly. Employees are now using their own mobile devices for work purposes. At first, this sounds like a great idea, but if you were to ask anyone that works in the IT department of a large corporation, they would tell you this. Managing all of these mobile devices is a logistics nightmare. This is true due to several reasons. Not every employee uses the same mobile device for work purposes. There may be an employee who was using their own laptop. This laptop could be 2 to 3 years old, and it could have several security vulnerabilities that the employee doesn’t even know about. In the next cubicle, there is a different employee who is using a completely different laptop. Not only does this laptop have different hardware, but it also has a different operating system. Move over to the next employee who is using an entirely different laptop. This laptop might be using the same operating system, but it is using a different version. This just covers the complexity involved with laptops in the workplace, and they are the least common device that is being used. Employees are also using their smart phones and tablet computers to help them get their jobs done. This adds an entire new layer of trouble for anyone that is working in the IT department. Now they have to manage all the laptops, with all their different configurations and different operating systems, as well as every single smart phone and tablet computer that is being used for work purposes. The IT department used to only have to deal with a small amount of differences in all the computers that access the company network. Now they are dealing with a plethora of different configurations. This is how a BYOD, or bring your own device program has made it difficult for anyone working in the IT industry. They now have the challenge of trying to manage multiple variations of hardware and software at the same time. This is not something that the IT department can turn their backs on. It is only going to get worse. Getting a handle on it now, will make things much easier in the future. Mobile devices are not going anywhere. In fact, they are getting even more popular as you read this.