How to Download Online Videos

We all love watching online videos and there’s no doubt that they are one of the most powerful inventions nowadays, let’s just take a look at the statistics of their watching in 2010. YouTube has ~54 million of visits monthly, Metacafe and Imeem have about 9 million of visitors, generally more than 100 million people are visiting those sites each month! That’s a huge number, which shows that most of people really love this media type for it’s convenience, visibility and easiness.

So, as we see, it has lots of advantages but as every content type it also has it’s own disadvantages:

  • We can’t download videos online
  • We can’t cut online videos
  • We can’t edit brightness, contrast, etc
  • We can’t edit volume: there are many cases when a sound of video is too low and it’s annoying

As we see, if it would become possible to download online videos, there would be no problem at all. More experienced users have heard about some ways of downloading and this article will potentially show you some new, easier ways of downloading streaming online videos.

Online video downloading services

There are many web sites which allow you just to insert url of a page which contains online video and after you’ve pressed a button you’ll save that video to your PC. Advantages are speed and convenience:  you don’t have to download any additional software or wait for some other actions, you just insert url and save video. Disadvantage is poor functionality: you are not allowed to download a video in format you like, sometimes downloading leads to the quality loss also not all the websites are supported.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are pretty much like the online downloading services, but they’re even more useful: you just press a special button and downloading process starts, there’s no need even in visiting of some other sites.

Desktop Software

It’s a downloadable software which allows you to record videos with additional functionality. It’s an awesome way to save online video without quality loss, also most of such software supports 99% of online video web sites in Internet, some applications allow to download a video automatically.

To draw the conclusion, we’ve discussed 3 ways of online video downloading, each person should use a method which fits him or her the best. Just ask yourself: do you need a qualitative video file or casual format fill to be OK?

About The Author: Larry B. Heart is a tech blogger and media conversion geek who works for Rip Tiger software for downloading of online videos.