Edimax BR-6258N: A Wireless Broadband Nano Router

If you are looking for a small sized and cheap wireless router then Edimax BR-6258N can be a good option for you. Because it has very compact size and that’s why it is also called as Nono wireless router and another thing is its price of just $30. This wireless broadband router comes with two RJ45 ports for WAN and LAN, furthermore a user can achieve maximum flexibility from this Edimax BR-6258N.

Moreover, a user can easily make your own Ethernet connection to the Wi-Fi network for many devices. This includes connecting to a LAN port of the TV, game console, or any other network device with an Ethernet port into a wireless network mode AP Client. BR-6258N also supports WISP (Wireless connection to the Internet service provider (ISP)).

Edimax BR-6258N supports power via the USB port and comes with a mains power adapter USB. This solution allows you to forget about the necessity of a free power outlet. Integrated WPS button helps users to configure a secure connection to wireless network clients with a single click. No need to configure security settings manually.

150 Mb / s Nano router Edimax BR-6258N looks like a supercar in design, due to its easy design you can use it while travelling and in home. This small and versatile router not only looks fast because of its design, but also it is supporting Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n standards, can achieve wireless data at speeds up to 150 Mb / s. Signal coverage 3 times more than the router 802.11g / b standards.

According to the policy developed by EDIMAX protect the environment, the router BR-6258n is designed with the ability to automatically detect and spend the necessary amount of power for efficient operation. This means we can easily call it an eco-friendly device. This Edimax BR-6258 Wireless broadband router provides wired or wireless Internet access for multiple computers and allows users to create a stable and secure network at home or office. The BR-6226N complies with 802.11b / g and compatible with the standard 802.11n. In conjunction with the 802.11n standard router achieves data transfer rates up to 150Mbit / s and provides increased coverage.