Best Free Android Apps of 2011

Android represents one of the leading and technologically advanced smart phone operating systems. There is a sudden increase in the number of Android OS downloads in various smart phones. People prefer to have Android OS due to vast ocean of applications in its app widget. Moreover, users can download this operating system from Google without paying any cost for free. People can find various applications in Android market which can readily assist them in many ways. Android has recently launched certain free applications for 2011. These applications include G-Apps, Enkin, Locale App, GeoLife, Ecorio, Cab4me, BioWallet, GoCart, TuneWiki and Teradesk e-storage.

Every day, Google launches various new products on its website. With the help of G-Apps, people can arrange all those products on a single screen. Users can tap on their required product and utilize it for their further needs. Other than products, users can take a look at other new launches in Google. Enkin represents another extensive application which can be utilized as a visualization outline to find out information about various locations. This application can put forward a variety of locations on a quasi three dimensional or normal two dimensional map. People can superimpose those places in live streamline view on their smart phone camera. Camera screen directions and instructions can be detected with the help of accelerometer and GPS system in the phone. This will look nothing better than the real world.

Locale application depicts the most frequently visited places on map and represents them to users in numerous ways. People can program this application for various purposes. This application also increases the level of Bluetooth device so that subsequent smart phone is not dependent upon another device’s proximity. GeoLife is another location derivation oriented application which acts as a map as well as a reminder. People can set automatic reminders for the particular locations where they want to do certain task. For example, people can set reminder for buying daily household things when they reach near a grocery shop. Therefore, it can help people in remembering the important to-do list of their daily routine life.

Ecorio is another Android application to estimate the carbon output. After attaining adequate data during the journey, it will begin suggesting about public transportation and other collective alternatives. There are various incidents in daily life when people need urgent transportation in the form of cabs. Cab4me is a genuine application to tell people about various cab locations. This application will generate the results by considering user’s current location and feeding it into country-wide cab companies network. It also highlights the significant regions in the city where people can easily get cabs from the street.

BioWallet application locks down the susceptible user information by using handset camera as an iris scanner. This asks for a user-provided password once user has locked the particular information. GoCart app utilizes UPC codes of various products which can be used to compare the product prices, check the product availability and compile the shopping list according to user’s requirement. TuneWiki is music-oriented application where people can get hold on the album art and lyrics as per their requirement. These are some of the best and free of cost Android applications for 2011.

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