Gaming on the iPhone

Most of us are gamers in one form or another. Some of us will be predisposed to the new fad type games available from the app store, whereas others will prefer the online casino. The requirements made of your phone’s hardware and software is very similar for all games. Here we’ll explore just how well the iPhone performs as a gaming device.

The online casino is haven for cash stakes and tense casino table games. This requires that we have a stable and secure interface which won’t crash at key moments. iOS6 is one of the most stable available and it also allows for a very tactile experience, logging our every swipe and tap with nearly unerring accuracy.

Most games these days are based around the element of touchscreen interaction. Having a good touchscreen interface is invaluable whether you’re playing a hand of Poker at the online casino or completing a level of Angry Birds.

Many gamers will scan immediately through the spec list to find processing power. A slow processor can make gaming frustrating and practically unmanageable in the worst case scenario. This certainly isn’t the case with the A6 processor which is said to be up to twice as fast as its predecessor. The processor works in conjunction with the UI and the battery to bring a near complete gaming experience.

Importantly, for such a powerful phone, you can achieve a decent amount of gaming on one charge. You don’t want to be continually checking your battery life whilst trying to focus on your game theory in a hand of Poker or Baccarat.

The newest iPhone has a more than ample 4 inch screen, bringing it more into line with its Android competitors. Icons are brought into view and your feel for gameplay may well be enhanced by the larger retina display, which incidentally provides incredible crispness to all of your iphone casino favourites.