Giving the Gift of Technology: Buying for Computer Geeks

If you have a special computer geek in your life, then you know how difficult it can be to purchase that computer geek a gift. After all, it’s nearly impossible to know as much about computers and technology as a certified geek – and geeks are a picky bunch, as their expertise has made them so. They know what is “good” and what is not good, and they generally won’t be bothered with subpar technology. That can be intimidating for us mere mortals who want to treat our beloved geeks to the thrill of an awesome gift, but who have no idea where to even begin. Here to help with this conundrum is this handy guide for giving the gift of technology: buying for computer geeks.

Where to shop. Luckily, there are a number of retailers that specialize in catering to computer geeks. Get online and search through sites like,, and for a fascinating array of gifts perfectly suited to the technologically inclined recipient.

Utilitarian gifts. No matter your computer geek’s personal interests, it is safe to assume that you can’t go wrong with a gift of utility. Any practical item that your computer geek can use on a regular basis to make techie life easier will no doubt be greatly appreciated. Examples of such gifts are things like external hard drives and flash drives. There is not one computer geek on the planet who will not have a million and one uses for both.

Gadgets. Computer geeks love gadgetry of all types. Any shining example of mankind’s power to think, design, mechanize and execute will surely have your computer geek fascinated . . . at least until newer gadgetry comes along. Any of the geek gift sources listed above will contain enough gadgetry to get your head spinning, and to get your computer geek’s appreciation.

For fun. Computer geeks love entertainment. Who doesn’t? Treat your computer geek to the latest, greatest computer or game system video games, or buy a humorous t-shirt to give your geek a laugh.

Experience. If you really want to treat a computer geek to an experience of a lifetime, provide for an all expenses paid trip to a technology convention. You’ll never be able to escape your geek’s excited post-convention stories, full of technical jargon and industry terms you’ll never be able to understand.

Buying for that special computer geek in your life does not have to be as difficult as you might’ve imagined. You just have to know where to go and what to look for. This guide should help. Good luck.

About the Author: Lance Bakaler enjoys shopping for the hottest new gadgets on the market each year. He also likes watching sites like for the latest information on technology companies.