Five Great Android Apps for Teens

The Android phones are some of the most popular phones for teenagers to carry. There’s no reason for them not to love something that’s like a tiny little computer that fits in a pocket, but all of the extra apps are really what makes the Android so popular. Those apps allow teenagers to keep up with their friends, their parents and their schoolwork, all without leaving their room or opening up a book.

Evernote, For the Best Notes

Evernote is, as its name suggests, a way to take notes using an Android phone. There are several programs similar to this, what makes Evernote unique is that it is a free application and can take notes, voice recordings, etc . It works with a free desktop client of Evernote and gives up to 40 MB a month for free. If your child uses more than that, there is a paid addition you can upgrade to.

Math Ref Free

Math Ref Free is a great program for the teenager taking any kind of math class, because it allows the use of equations and examples with note-taking. It’s reported to be an excellent reference guide for math students, although it could use a little more physics information.

Ringdroid For Free Ringtones

Since you’re paying their cell phone bill anyway, you might like that the Ringdroid allows you to save some money on ringtones. If your child already has MP3s on their phone, they can use this program to edit or create new ringtones from those MP3s.

Otter-Perfect For New Drivers

Once your teen starts to drive, you might want to consider making the use of Otter mandatory. This program automatically sends a text saying they are unavailable due to driving, when someone sends your child a text when they are behind the wheel. It’s likely that this could prevent some of the driving while distracted accidents that happen so often to teens. They could also use this app if they’d like some do not disturb time for studying.

WaveSecure Mobile Security

Whether or not you have insurance on this phone, being able to locate it by GPS has to be a good idea and that is what WaveSecure Mobile Security allows. You can also locate the phone by text, call log and contact list, so if it was stolen, you’ll know it and if it’s been lost in your couch cushions, you’ll know that too.

An android phone can represent a lot of freedom for your teenager, as well as a significant investment for the parents. There are literally hundreds of different programs for your child to use, many of which can be actually useful and others that are just fun. As with anything else, it’s up to you to make sure that your child is mature enough to use the phone and the applications.

About the Author: Dona Collins is a freelance professional with a passion for science and technology. She loves how her teens can experience the freedom of having a cell phone while making it useful at the same time. Donna is an IT specialist who frequently uses IT staff augmentation services to locate new work.