HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB review

The HP TouchPad is Hewlett-Packard’s latest addition to its growing family of high-end, marketable and user-friendly technology, in an environment where Androids are fast becoming the best sellers. This touchpad or tablet is fast becoming a threat to the market dominance of Apple’s iPad.

Using the HP TouchPad gives a unique experience, especially with its wide (read: 9.7 inches) clear and vibrant screen, fast response time and a number of user-friendly features. Although it takes some time to start up the HP TouchPad, at around 2 minutes, programs and applications run smoothly, even when opening and using several of these at the same time. Surfing the net using this tablet is a breeze, with its Wi-Fi or wireless capability. As long as there is an available connection or you are within a hotspot, then you’re ready to check friend’s updates on Facebook and other social networking sites, watch videos, buy items online, or simply surf the web.

Talking about watching videos, sound quality is above average, from its built-in speakers. Or you can opt to plug in your own earphones with its external jack. The programs installed are quite useful to both technical and non-technical people. Checking out your emails, from different accounts is easy. You can view all your accounts at the same time, read the emails and still know from which account it came from and reply to emails using each account’s specific settings. And the size of the tablet itself does not pose any problems. One distinguishable feature that the HP TouchPad has that separates it from its competitors is the ability to print.

The HP TouchPad being as thin and as light as tablets could get nowadays, carrying a regular-sized book around is heavier than having the HP TouchPad in your bag. Although the HP TouchPad still needs some minor tweaking on its WebOS operating system from Palm, for $99, this tablet is a steal compared to other tablet brands. The HP TouchPad is a real bargain, with its much-wider screen than its predecessors and competitors.