HP TouchSmart 610Q 1065QD

Recently, all computing majors have fallen in love with the concept of an all-in-one PC. What these computers are designed like is that every aspect of computing is built into one solid monitor like box which serves as arguably the only interface between the human and the computer. First in line to try releasing such computers is Hewlett Packard, more commonly known as HP. In today’s review, we will take a comprehensive look at one such AIOC (all-in-one computer), namely the HP TouchSmart 610q 1065qd. The spec sheet is simply mind-blowing and we bet you’d love it too!

The device is run with the help of an Intel Processor, bearing the commercial brand of i7; one of the fastest processing units available in the market as of date. The speed of the processor has been set to be 2.93 GHz which is again a relatively amazing speed. Normal notebook computers have speeds ranging from 2.13 to 2.53 GHz. Now we hope you can make an estimate of how fast this processor will be. Intel processors are trustworthy and you may rest assured that your computer won’t slow down unless you load it up with junk.

The Random Access Memory, which comes into play while transferring data, booting up, or other system processes are initiated is an important aspect of computing as this is the second most vital point in determining how fast a computer functions, or rather how smoothly it does, after the processor speed. The TouchSmart has a 8GB RAM which means it is twice as fast and powerful as the most common notebooks in use, which generally have a 4GB RAM.

Storage of data is largely enabled in the computer which has a really good memory space of 1.5 TB-SATA with a clock speed of 5400 rpm. We would have loved a 7200 rpm, given the volume of memory that the system has to handle but given the size of the RAM, the clock-speed would not count much, we suppose. To give you a rough estimate of how much data can be stored, we would say this system can store about 300,000 songs, or 2000 movies, and over millions of text documents!

The system is also supported by a 1GB ATI Radeon HD graphics card which is instrumental in providing an excellent graphical interface for the computer. Since this happens to be a touch enabled PC, graphics and interface play a very important role in determining the standard of the same. Additionally, it also helps in playing high end games such as Grand Theft Auto IV, etc. We wonder why HP did not put in the 5870 version of the graphics card and went for a 5570 one instead.

The computer runs on Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium; the 64-bit version of it. It is a pretty sturdy operating system and we have nothing to complain about it except for the fact that it does crash often, but for this RAM and processor memory and speed respectively, the system shouldn’t do so; at least not that often. The device costs about US $1,800.