Some Indie Games for Laptop Gaming

These days, low price points and impressive specs mean that there is hardly any reason to own a PC when you could own a laptop. Why take up your entire desk with a huge machine when you could have a device that fits easily into a bag and looks majorly slick? However, ¬†one area in which laptops still don’t quite keep up with PCs is in the gaming aspect as PCs still have just that little more power under the hood and the slightly more effective set up.

That’s only a problem however if you like to play a specific type of game, and you think that graphics necessarily maketh the game. Actually you see, there are plenty of great new games being released all of which have modern sensibilities but that don’t rely on super high specs to run. If you want to give it a go then the best place to try is the ‘Steam’ service that allows you to download games much like an App store or the Google Play store. And this is where you can find some games from the ‘indie scene’ which means they’re made by individual developers without big money behind them or teams of programmers, but who know how to make a great game that doesn’t rely on those things. These games are perfect for running on lower specs, but are often more creative and original than the big budget games to make up for the lower graphics. Here are some of the best ones to try out.

Super Meat Boy

This is a pixel perfect platformer that requires incredibly precise timing and jumps in order to get past. It’s brutally hard, but the sense of humor, amazing music, creative challenges and lenient/amusing approach to death make it fun nonetheless.


Limbo is one of the most impressively artistic games I’ve seen come out of the indie scene. Basically you control a small boy in 2D through a black and white world that is devoid of any music save a feint crackling sound. Through these minimalist touches it manages to ooze more atmosphere than last year’s big budget games put together and the interactions and sense of discovery you make along the way make it an utterly engaging experience.


Minecraft is the Daddy of indie games and is partly responsible for their recent revival. The idea is that you exist in a kind of MMORPG but rather than killing trolls or finding potions, your main activities revolve around building structures out of lego-type bricks. What makes it amazing is just wandering the landscape and coming across the incredible creations that other players have made. It takes the term ‘sandbox’ to the next level.

Sonic Nexus

This one is made even better because it’s completely free (due to the fact that it relies on SEGA’s copyright material it can’t be sold). That said though, this loving homage to the Genesis Sonic series is so polished that it really could be just another new entry in the mascot’s pantheon of games and if you’ve played the old games to death then it’s exactly what you need.

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