Lenovo IdeaPad u300s

One of the latest additions to the mushrooming Ultrabook portable laptop market is the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s. Slim, light and made from premium magnesium alloy, it looks rather sophisticated and stylish available in rather austere grey as well as eye-watering orange colors. Though it has a striking similarities with Apple’s MacBook range, it’s beautifully built, unbelievably light, supposed to have a top notch battery life and the keyboard and touchpad are way too awesome.

The new model runs various implementations of Intel’s ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) variations of its core I series processors and structures SSD drives. Lenovo claims that this machine can start in ten seconds. One of the laptop’s key features is that it is 15mm thick edge-to-edge. Lenovo reasons that the laptop is designed to look like a book.
Another important feature that should attract customers is the battery life. It includes 8 hours of “productive” use and 30 days of standby time. However, the definition of “productive” use is not very clear. The battery also has remarkable rapid charge feature which will give us 50 percent capacity after 30 minute charge.

Another extraordinary feature is that air flows through the keyboard to keep the laptop cooler thereby reducing temperature over both palm rest and base. In other words, Lenovo is striving to give its users a comfortable time…
Another feature is the Identity Protection technology built directly into the processor to prevent unsanctioned access. This is an awesome facility which again is incorporated keeping the user’s need in mind.

Build quality isn’t as great as MacBook but still good enough. In fact it is surprising considering this machine’s tiny 1.3 kg weight. There are very few laptops with the same degree of rigidity with little flex from keyboard or screen.
The keyboard is ironically the most blatantly MacBook-esque element of this laptop. It is however, a superb typing device. The keys aren’t of the standard of Lenovo’s ThinkPad but definitely have a smooth, bouncy action with negligible wobble or flex from the frame.

The touchpad has a sand blasted glass surface which makes it unbelievably smooth under our fingers. The click anywhere action is mind-blowing and excellent with it responding action.

However, Lenovo has kind of let us down when it comes to its screen. The LCD panel has a middle of road resolution of 1,366 * 768 which is kind of mediocre considering the degree of sophistication of the laptop. Colors aren’t particularly lively and viewing angles pass off with an okay. But the biggest let down is the glossy and reflective screen.

Connectivity on the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s isn’t very appreciable either with just a headphone jack, USB 3.0 and HDMI ports and power jack on the right edge and a further USB 2.0 port on the left. This looks fine considering the slimness of the laptop but it seems as if there is plenty of room for SD slot and Ethernet.

The laptop’s price tag isn’t a great thrill either…in other words, it is expensive. But given its sophisticated look, it seems justified.

Whatsoever, the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s isn’t a complete let-down. It is incredibly light, has awesome exterior features and it is definitely great to possess one.