LG Optimus Black P970

The focus of Android is now shifting from just utility to looks. Riding on the success of the Optimus and the well-applauded Optimus 2x, LG is now following the trend by introducing the Optimus Black. Not a part of the Black Label series known for having some of the best looking phones, the Black, nevertheless, manages to score in the looks department. The LG Optimus Black P970 is a complete touch device with a solid build but feels like a smooth piece of plastic. However, LG is busy boasting about the 4-inch Nova display as the brightest display ever in a smart-phone.

In our opinion, the phone has a bright display but it isn’t something that needs to be tom-tommed. Indeed, when on full brightness, the phone even worked as a flash light. Operating on Android v2.2 when all the latest devices are on v2.3 is a letdown. It did allowed us to configure Gmail account, Gtalk, search the web, watch videos, download apps, stay connected to social world but the overall performance was a bit slow. Even while searching the phonebook, the contacts appeared only when we finished typing out the full name. The 5 MP camera on-board managed to capture decent images but there was a huge shutter lag. And the battery hardly managed to last a day with average use.

Verdict: Average performer. Faces competition from Motorola Defy and HTC Desire S.