Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

Right on the front of the box it says “powered by light – even indoors”. Well, I should hope so! I don’t know of too many people that would brave the elements by setting up their PC outside. That statement shows the good intention and misguided thinking that seems to pervade the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard; it shows responsibility and ingenuity, using a wonderfully renewable power source — the sun — to keep it running.

But it shows impracticality too… solar power requires the right kind of light, after all, and in an environment where most of the light is generally synthetic — like in an office — it falls flat. Never mind the fact that insufficient light requires it to be charged up every now and then, interfering with work. It might be dead by morning…

If you have a sunny work area, it’s a great idea. But this well-intentioned keyboard will only work under the right circumstances. That’s a pity, because we love the notion that drove its creation on. It’s a good keyboard, as most every Logitech keyboard is, but it will not be effective for everyone. And that is it’s downfall.

Verdict: It’s a great idea…but solar-powered PC equipment can be impractical.