Logitech Vantage USB headset for PS3

Logitech are pretty good at what they do. Not only does the company produce a wide range of quality devices, but they tend to understand the wants and needs of their market really well. At least, they do for the most part…every now and then they come up with an idea that would have been great, if it had been given a little more thought. The Vantage USB headset for PS3 is one of those, to a degree.

Consider the fact that Xbox 360 gamers get a single earpiece and microphone headset when they buy their console, but PlayStation 3 gamers don’t. And while XBox gamers may complain about the fact that they would prefer a full headset that delivers sound and chat, at least they get something to communicate with other players online.

The Vantage headset offers that luxury to PlayStation 3 gamers but, realistically, those players also want full stereo PlayStation 3 headsets – sound in games is, after all, very important. That’s where this otherwise great device falls flat – it only has one earpiece. Sure, it’s better than nothing, but still…

The Vantage headset connects to the PS3 via a USB cable, and delivers good sound, along with the ability to use voice chat while playing. It’s a very well built unit, and to ensure user comfort, it ships with three interchangeable earpiece covers. It’s also adjustable as far as the headband is concerned, and the microphone boom can swivel out of the way, and be adjusted for best performance.

A generous three metre cable allows the user freedom of movement…but an odd dongle fixed to the cable does not have the expected in-line volume controls, or a microphone mute facility, which is also pretty strange in terms of design decisions.

The unit works with all PlayStation 3 games, and even with some PlayStation 2 titles. And it does exactly what it was designed to do rather well. But that’s the issue, isn’t it? What it was designed to do may not be sufficient for PlayStation 3 players.

Sure, those that only occasionally use online facilities and generally do not use headphones probably won’t have any complaints, but someone who wants their audio solutions built into a single, unified device will be left wanting by the Vantage.

It comes down to assumptions, more than likely… and the assumptions made here aren’t exactly spot on. Sure, most gamers will likely rely on their TV audio, using the headset purely for voice communications. But that’s the bottom rung – a device like this should have more options – and at least one more earpiece. The design should work from the top down, because it cannot possibly work from the bottom up.

It’s reasonably priced, and the performance it delivers is of the usual Logitech level of quality. And if it fits into your setup, then it’s great. But more versatility — in other words, if it was a complete audio solution — would not have gone amiss here. The Logitech Vantage USB headset for PS3 is far too specific in its design, unfortunately, because a set of console headphones from Logitech that took care of every need would be awesome.

Verdict: If you just want it to chat on PSN, it’s great — but it’s not a complete PS3 audio solution.