Mobile security with Lookout

Mobile security is more important than ever, with malicious apps managing to find their way onto the market day in and day out. Security for Android users is even more important, since unlike the iPhone, Android users are free to install any .apk file they wish, as it is an open platform. This is a godsend in many cases, but there are always unscrupulous individuals who seek to take advantage of the open marketplace.

Lookout protects against malware and phishing attempts by actively scanning anything you download onto your device and by monitoring the URLs you visit against a predetermined database. The service comes in both free and premium versions, with the premium version offering backups of your important data.

The best thing about running Lookout is that it is very light on battery usage. The app only uses active memory when it performs a scan nightly, and you can specify at what time this scan should be performed. If any threats are found, Lookout will alert you immediately and provide you with a way to remove the offending app. Lookout also helps you manage apps by showing their permissions, so you can determine if an app has a permission level you’d rather not have installed on your phone.

Lookout also helps you keep track of your device, so if it should ever go missing, you can visit the main Lookout website and login with your information to determine exactly where your phone is via GPS. From there, you can make your device make a noise so you can find it, or you can lock the phone and wipe all data with the premium plan.

Overall, Lookout is a great security app that keeps you safe while you use your phone, in addition to keeping your phone safe if it happens to be in the hands of someone else.

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