Panasonic S3

First timers can look forward to a stylish camera from Panasonic. Adding to the already populated sub $200 cameras, the Panasonic S3 is a force to reckon with. Panasonic has made it well. The upper crust is sturdy even if the keys at the back look a bit crass in front of the superior glassy frame. Unlike most in the category that sport a tiny shutter release button, the Panasonic S3 sports a much larger button.

At the back, you will find a bright 2.7-inch LCD. There are four primary modes in this camera:

Intelligent Auto, Normal picture, Video recording and Scene mode, where sub modes like portrait, scenery, night, etc are I placed. With 14.1 MP on board and 3X optical zoom lens, this camera can click some good shots.

A bit of noise can be seen at full optical zoom which vanishes once you zoom out. Macro shots come out really well. ISO levels of up to 1600 is supported for low light shots.

The S3 also has HD movie recording. Taken as a whole, this Panasonic S3 is a very neat entry-level camera.

Verdict: A stylish entry-level camera with a lot of colour choices.