Is There A Reason You Prefer Wearing That Brand Of Watch You Are Wearing?

Having a celebrity endorse your product is one of the best advertising strategies there is. Whether they do it to earn an easy pay or they just love to opportunity to take part in promoting something they are passionate about, celebrity endorsements result in mega sales. Here is a list of gadgets that have been endorsed by celebrities.


Face The Music

Beats electronics appear to have hit the jackpot when they had different artists not only endorse but also put their names on their headphones and earphones. 53% of the monetary value of headphones market in 2011 could be attributed to the company. Beats by Dre, the first of their kind, were obviously endorsed by hip/hop rap celebrity Dr. Dre and he claimed that the earphones would make people hear the music the way he heard it in the studio. The headphones are known for their sleek design, bold use of colors, the tell-tale ‘b’ that brands them and their great sound.

Sean Combs (P. Diddy) was the next in line to co-create his own high quality earphones, the Beats by Dr. Dre Diddybeats. The earphones play a wide range of music well though they were clearly designed for hip-hop. To capture the teenage market, Beats by Dr.Dre JustBeats by Justin Bieber were evolved. Designed in purple, which is apparently the teenage sensation’s favorite color, the earphones have had a positive response.


the selection for my sister...

Gwen Stefani was the celebrity of choice to endorse the launch of HP’s limited edition Harajuku Lovers digital camera. It was featured in the video for her hit single ‘Hollaback Girl’. The camera’s design was inspired by the Harajuku district of Tokyo, famous for its street fashions and is decorated with katakana and kanji characters. The camera also came with lots of goodies, a case and charm designed by the singer included.

Canon teamed up with martial arts hero Jackie Chan to release the eye of the dragon camera, which was branded his Chinese dragon logo in gold and had a fancy strap and matching case.

The white stripes band decided to team up with Lomography, an analogue camera brand.  There were two editions created, the Meg edition Diana+ named after the drummer of the band and the Holga Jack edition, named after Jack White, the band’s front man. The cameras sport the band’s trademark color scheme of red, black and white. Tori Amos was also invited to join the team and the limited edition Diana+Tori edition was created.


sirius black and black pye

Apple worked together with Sir Elton John to launch a range of colorful crystal encrusted iPods to raise money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Only 100 of each color were made and all the money made from sales was ploughed back to his AIDS foundation.

Apple teamed up with the Irish rock band U2 to produce the U2 iPod back in 2004. The gadget was designed to have a sleek black finish and a bright red wheel. The band member’s signatures are also featured at the back.

In 2008, David Beckham’s teammates teamed up with Apple to present David Beckham with a gold plated 32GB iPod touch. This of course is not in the market, as it was a custom-made gift.


This morning in the computer lab..

Believe it or not, celebrities are also being called upon to endorse office products. Gwen Stefani collaborated with HP again as the face of a new printer campaign in 2007 that offered options such as paper dolls customized online but which could be printed at home.

Lady Gaga the well known eccentric singer was made a creative director at Polaroid and went ahead to launch the Grey Label range whose first product was the GL10 instant printer which makes hard copies of snaps taken by most handsets using Zink inkless printing.

Electric shavers

Cordless electric razor / shaver (Foil head razor)

The men’s shaving industry has also gotten itself in the celebrity endorsement craze. Axis shavers in a recent advertisement got Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell and John Legend to endorse the product as the best electric shaver for men.

Amazon Kindle


It appears that even mentioning a product in passing has the same effect as the endorsements that manufacturers love so much. Oprah Winfrey’s mention of the Amazon Kindle in her book club led to an unexpected upsurge in demand of the product that actually led to it running out in record time!

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