Six Reasons to Love Linux

If you’re considering making a switching from a Windows or Mac operating system to Linux, there is no reason you shouldn’t go ahead and try. I previously suggested some disadvantages to Linux, but there are plenty of advantages to consider as well. No matter what your opinion on the matter, there is no substitute for just giving it a shot and seeing how it works out for you. You might find that any cons are quickly outweighed by the pros. Everyone will adjust at a different pace, and you may find Linux to be a better choice for your personal computing needs. Many people wonder why they didn’t begin using Linux sooner. Here are some of the advantages of Linux over Windows or Mac.

The most clear benefit of Linux is that it costs you absolutely nothing to install or use. Windows or Mac operating systems will cost hundreds of dollars. You can install Linux on any computer at anytime, anywhere. After you have paid for Windows or Mac, you will be restricted on distributing it or be unable to use it more than once.

Open Source Code
Linux users have access to the source code, and as a result they can alter it in any way they see fit. Linux is very customizable, and it makes it easy to improve and develop. There are multitudes of patches available from other users. A great advantage to the open source code is that if you’re interested in learned about operating systems, Linux will give you some hands-on experience.

Linux users also have thousands of programs to choose from. There are comparable programs for all Windows and Mac software with all of the same functions, and they are free and open source also. There are databases filled with choices for you to explore. You won’t be restricted to Word, for example; you’ll have a plethora of word processing options.


Linux users will experience fewer frustrating system crashes and reboots. You can realistically leave your computer on almost indefinitely and not experience a decrease in performance speed. Multiple processes and programs can run together with ease. A large network of users is better supported, also. You can even breathe new life into your old machines because outdated computers will run better on Linux than Windows or Mac.


There are fewer security threats or viruses to deal with on Linux. Linux is very secure because there are tons of walls for a virus to have to get through, and there are great security features, like the requirement to enter your password before a download begins. There are fewer existing viruses for Linux because it is not as widely used an operating system as Windows or Mac. When there is a virus, Windows and Mac users have a to wait a long time for developers to come up with a solution, while Linux users will instantly begin creating and distributing patches to fix the problem.

A generally tight-knit and vast community of Linux users exists on the web. If you need any help using Linux, there are tons of chat rooms and messages boards to take advantage of. Log on and you can quickly find a Linux enthusiast to assist you. It is the dedicated community that keeps Linux consistently growing and evolving.

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