Select Photo Studio Third Edition Features, Specs & Review

When people first hear the words ‘photo editing software’, two things come to mind: first, it’s very expensive, and second, it’s rocket science. Those willing to risk their memories with cheaper alternatives are aware of the fact that they are in fact playing with fire here, since these substitutes are at best hit-and-miss affairs. It is for those people that Select Photo Studio Third Edition was designed. This program is not just at par with the industry leaders in performance, but comes at a cost that, far from discouraging users with limited resources, actually makes them suspicious about its quality. The software is priced at $30 but it certainly is worth a lot more.

The software is extremely adaptable and in terms of proficiency, it can actually be compared with products like Adobe’s Photoshop. In fact, its interface may even remind the user of later versions of Adobe, what with a wide array of tools and functions which allows you to create just about anything that comes under photo editing. Whether it’s fixing images or generating all new ones from source material, Photo Studio is capable of handling it all.

Initially, it can be quite overwhelming to come to terms with this program, but as with most software, a little experimentation takes you a long way. For those who have never used a photo editing program in their life, Photo Studio comes with how-to guidelines and pre-set macros that are extremely handy. The program is so user friendly that just a little practice will make complete novices turn out masterpieces like they have been doing it their entire lives.

The program reads a wide array of image files and can save original images even after they have been altered, preserving them for future use. As with all bitmap-based photo editors, this program is not an all-rounder. It is targeted at working images, and isn’t best for design and layout. However, it more than makes up for this with its other features.

In the software, a number of ‘quick menus’ are included, grouping tools together for easy reference – from photo fixes through to artistic touches and filters.  It is extremely easy to use and a capable alternative to Photoshop and Photpaint, both of which leave you with a hole in your pocket.

Let us now consider the technical aspect of this software. One major advantage while using this program is that it doesn’t place massive demands on the user in terms of PC requirements. It runs on a 1.0GHz CPU, requires a memory of 512MB and hard disk space of 245MB. Also, the PC operating System should be Windows XP/Vista/7.

The ironical part is that the only problem with this program is also its major advantage- the price. The public is programmed in such a way that if it’s cheap, it has some flaw in it. Though Photo Studio can easily prove these prejudiced people wrong a million times over, it probably won’t get a chance.

To conclude, Photo Studio is remarkable software for photo editing, not just for rookies and hobbyists, but also for serious photography enthusiasts. It is easy, proficient, inexpensive and definitely a good venture.