Setting up your Android tablet

Getting started with your tablet is as easy as ABC. Like all tech toys, your tablet has all the necessary tools from the initial boot up. But that’s not the extent of what it can do. To harness the potential of your tablet, here’s some starting steps for you to take in order to go about setting up your Android tablet.


Setting up your Google account on your Android tablet is essential if you wish to get anything done. This applies to your emails, calendar, contacts and most importantly, access to Google’s Android Market. With all Android devices, the initial boot would have prompted you to set up your Google account and Wt Fi connection. But if you’ve skipped that step, here’s how you can set up your Google account.

Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts and sync. Click on Add account. Depending on the tablet’s manufacturer, you can add not just your own Google account, but also other social network accounts such as Facebook and Twitter that integrates into your contact list.

With your account authenticated, you can choose to synchronize your Google contacts, Gmail, Picasa Web Albums and Calendar onto your tablet. To conserve battery power, you might want to switch off auto sync to prevent constant data pulling.


Going online with a tablet is just one of the main features of these portable devices. And if you need to get connected, here’s a few basic steps to hook your tablet onto the internet.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

If your tablet depends solely on a Wi Fi connection, you’ll need to find a suitable Wi Fi point to lock onto. This can be done via Settings > Wireless and Network > Wi Fi Settings and scan for an available Wi Fi connection. You might be prompted to enter a password, and our advice is to tick on the show password checkbox to ensure you’ve entered the correct password.

Setting up APN and Wi-Fi Tethering

Certain tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, are equipped with SIM card slot that provides you with a HSDPA connection. However, the tablet might not be preloaded with the appropriate access point name (APN), which varies according to your service provider. Check with your service provider on the correct APN settings and go into Menu > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and click on the Menu button to add the settings accordingly.

If your tablet is using Google Android 2.2, you can also share your HSDPA connection, thus turning it into a wireless modem. To do so, click on Menu > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile AP. Select Mobile AP settings and enter your SSID. Create a WPA2 PSK password to secure your Wi-Fi connection from unauthorized usage.

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