Why You Don’t Need Siri

Apple’s voice recognition software Siri is certainly unique. The intelligent assistant that comes with your iPhone 4S, who’s a girl by the way, improves your ability to interact with your smartphone. You only need to speak to it, and Siri will listen and obey. Siri doesn’t just respond to commands, she interprets the meaning of your own personal speech patterns. The more you talk to her, the more accurate she’ll become at understanding exactly what you mean. Apple admits that Siri is still a Beta version, but it is actively working on improving her. Will Siri totally transform the way we accomplish everyday functions?

Doubt it. Although Siri is still a work in progress, there are just too many drawbacks to using her. She is by no means necessary, and her disadvantages make it unlikely that voice recognition will become the primary way you use your phone anytime in the near future. Yes, she can be a cool toy to play around with, but that’s all. Siri is entertaining, but you don’t need Siri, and here’s why.

She’s Slow
Siri can take a while to understand and process your requests. You’re often waiting at least a few seconds between asking her something and receiving a response. Also, not all your requests are answered in one step. She often needs to ask clarifying questions, which in turn add to the wait time between your initial request and the completion of it. Very often it requires less time to just go into your iPhone and manually do what you need yourself rather than waiting for Siri to do it. Especially in the case of quick text messages, which are handy when you don’t feel like typing but definitely not timesaving.

She Gets It Wrong
Oftentimes it is quite incredible how Siri can understand natural speech. However, Siri also often gets it wrong. She might not understand your request at all, or she might interpret it incorrectly and return irrelevant results. While Apple is working on expanding her abilities and increasing her accuracy, she’s just not working to a high enough degree yet. She gets the simple things right, but those are the things you don’t need much help with anyway.

She Can’t Read Email
One of the most important uses you have for your iPhone is probably to send and receive emails. While Siri can read you your text messages, she can’t read you your emails, which is something that could have been potentially helpful.

She’s Loud
Unfortunately there is no silent mode for Siri, and so it’s just impractical to use her in public settings. Using her in public means everyone can hear exactly what you’re doing, and that’s irritating to them and you. You also can’t use her in business meetings or similar settings without interrupting everything. Her voice can be just annoying. There should be a way to turn it off, and there isn’t. She could benefit from being a little more discreet.

She Doesn’t Work Offline
You have to be connected to the Internet to use Siri, so if you’re not, she won’t work. You’re likely to be connected to the Internet most of the time with the 4G network, but what if you’re not? Siri will be no help to you then, if she ever was much in the first place.

About The Author: Terry Ford has nothing against Siri. She strives to create articles to help you pick the best technology for your dollars. She always uses a grammar checker to make sure her work is clear and concise.