The New Technology Treat: Sony Vaio Z Series

The most leading brands of laptops includes names as Sony Vaio, Acer, Dell and HP. Time to time, these all brands always comes with something new. Revolution in computing technology is giving birth to more valued features. Sony Vaio Z is the name of a supreme laptop series which contains more valued features as compare to the other general feature laptops.

Sony Vaio Z series laptops have got popularity all across the globe, because of their amazing features and eye grabbing designs. This series contains ultimate laptops. All laptops in this series are light weigh which weighs around 1.18 Kg. Also, they have extreme and surprising thickness of 16mm. This much thickness is comparable to the slider type cellphone present in the market. Due to less weight and extreme dimensions, every laptop in Sony Vaio Z series is more mobile.

These laptops are not known for their first class looks and mobility but also, their internal hardware configuration is praising. These laptops are powered by the latest Intel Processor i.e. Intel Core i7 processors whose clocking frequency in normal mode is around 2.7 GHz but in turbo boost mode their clocking frequency is much better. These laptops have 8 RAM (physical memory). If we talk about the software configuration, every laptop in Z series has Microsoft Windows 7 as their platform.

There is one more feature in Z series, a Quick Boot option is provided in it. Due to which laptops boot up Windows 7 quicker. These laptops don’t have normal hard drives. To maintain the thickness, Sony Vaio has configured with 256 GB SSD memory. Also, this type of memory have better transferring and copying rate as compare to normal hard drive.

These SSD memory prices are too much higher as compare to hard drive. If we talk about the graphic quality output, Z series laptops has Intel Graphics HD 3000 card. Every laptop in Z series has 13.1 inches display which can support the maximum resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. This display is anti-reflective Sony Vaio Premium display. The battery backup of these laptops are also pretty well, they support battery backup up to 7 hours. This was all about the Sony Vaio Z series laptops.

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  • March 23, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    The sony viao z series laptop range is truly a remarkably and fast ultra mobile machine from sony. with incredible speed and power. i deal for gamers and business uers

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