Top 10 Useful Apps for Android in 2011

Android is a great invention of 21st century where people can find very useful applications. Android market is growing on daily basis and developers are creating advantageous applications for users. With elegantly beautiful smart phone and technologically advanced Android operating system, Android phone applications attain their actual exquisiteness in such Android phones only. There are certain applications for Android phones which have been launched in 2011 with highly useful functions for users.

Advanced Task Killer is used to erase few megabytes from the memory to enhance the processor power as well as the battery life of the smart phone. There are various incidents in daily life which calls for longer battery life mostly during travelling and long talking on the phone. Its full version can be download from internet for $5 its version is capable enough to complete the required task.

Google Voice is another useful application in which users do not have to consider the long and strenuous process of hearing the voice messages. Google Voice keeps user’s phone number intact and all the missed calls will be reverted to a created Google number. All these missed calls can be checked on internet in user’s email address or by opening the application. Google Voice makes use of the transcript protocol where all the voice messages are converted into text messages. These text messages can also be converted again into voice format depending upon the user’s requirement. People need to add their contacts in the invite list and only specified contacts will be registered for perfect usage of this application.

Astro File Manager works as a storage backup application in which user can provide backup to the memory card from phone memory. Dolphin Browser HD is simpler way to avoid regular and boring browsers. This application provides substantial features like Google bookmark synchronization, site flagging and multi-touch zooming. Browser allows users to download HD videos from YouTube and there will be effective clarity in the graphical features representation. Facebook provides an opportunity to share somebody’s thoughts and emotions to others. Facebook for Android is a direct application which works more as a genuine social networking application than a Facebook web browsing application. People can execute each and every activity associated with the Facebook website by using this application.

Barcode Scanner can be utilized to scrutinize the product comparisons and reviews. This can readily help people to set their minds subtly before going out for shopping. People just need to scan the barcodes with Android smart phone camera and after momentarily compilation; results will be generated in front of the user. Evernote application helps users in saving notes, recording, photos and videos so as to keep a track on various things at a single time. This saved data can be kept in synch with the device and can be shared online through personal computer.

Listen application can be useful as a nice podcast client for the users as they can download various online podcasts. Mint application can keep a regular track over user’s fiscal situations with priorities being set by the users. Talk To Me can provide significant translation for input texts as well as speech in more than 40 languages. This converted conversation will be played back to the users as per their preference.

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