Top Five Calculator Apps for Android Phones

There are various Android equipped handsets running in the marketplace successfully. Each device release effectively arouses a new buzz in the market. Basic application of calculation is most needed requirement in daily life. Everybody needs to calculate under distinct parameters which vary from one problem to another. There are various calculator applications in the Android market but still people tend to consider the best of all the applications available in the market. Before downloading a calculator application, people need to check the type of calculator they want. All the calculators can be sorted as BMI calculators, love calculators, tip calculators, mathematics calculators, scientific calculators and mortgage calculators.

HandyCalc Calculator represents one of the top-level calculators which assist people in performing many calculations. This calculator has various fundamental functional areas such solving system calculations, graphing and scientific calculations. This calculator is best for engineers, science students and research personalities. It provides answers in radical or fractional format which can be converted into decimal format as per the requirement of the users. People can utilize the beneficial feature of copying and pasting the problems. Moreover, this application is available as a demo doc where people can go through a video tutorial before beginning to use this application. However, there are various advantages but it lacks certain features also. It does not have typical graphing features which contain results associated with intercepts, max/min values and press button keypad swiping.

Kreative Technologies have also launched their scientific calculator which can be perfectly utilized in Android phone. It has very elegant user interface with attractive push buttons, sleek sizing and genuine top-lit effects. There is double arrow button which helps user to switch between various scientific functions. This calculator works on basic principle of 2-line functionality which gives sufficient time to user to enter the whole calculation before pressing the Enter button. Users can go through the previous calculations also by pressing the input button for long time. Its limitations include limited graphic functions and lack of +/- button.

Andy Mc has introduced Calculus Tools for Android calculator applications. This calculator can be a boon for the students of calculus. It can calculate derivatives as well as integers up to fourth degree. This application can also help people in solving surface area, arc length and Taylor series problems. The result can be represented in both numeric as well as graphical formats. It also provides a huge list of all the calculus formula which can help students in memorizing them. Its limitations arise with limited beta mode of scientific calculations. Moreover, users are supposed to enter the input values with the help of default keyboard.

Mihari Preda’s Arity Calculator is different in its usage and user interface. This application is more of a 3D grapher and people can generate 2D as well as 3D graphs. Calculator will automatically save all the calculations and people can regain them back as per the requirement. This calculator is not recommended for a novice but its sharp and elegant features can attract anybody’s mind. Finally, Brain Overspill’s RealCalc Scientific Calc represents simplest of the scientific calculations. Its appearance is more of a retro calculator and it works on 2-line functionality. People can go for any of the aforementioned calculator applications.

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    I believe everyone needs a calculator on hand. Having an apps on your android could be useful. You don’t need to bring along a calculator with you just your phones.

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