Top Windows Phone 7 Devices

With the framework set in place, the next logical step is for Microsoft and its manufacturing partners such as HTC, LG, and Samsung to find a suitable body for its OS. Here’s a quick breakdown of the available Windows Phone 7 devices in the market today which one should consider in getting.

HTC’s longstanding partnership with Microsoft is evident with not just one, nor two, but three Windows Phone 7 devices in its line-up. Their flagship model, the HTC HD7 brings a 4.3-inch screen to the table, loaded with HTC Hub to give a semblance of customization to the Windows Phone 7 user interface.

Bringing Windows Phone 7 to the masses is the job of the HTC 7 Trophy Designed as an affordable Windows Phone 7 device, the Trophy equips itself with 8GB of internal storage for all your music and video needs.

The mid-ranged HTC 7 Mozart marries aesthetics with functionality. Resembling a unibody design, the Mozart is also armed with an 8-megapixel camera to complement the Windows Phone 7’s image sharing on-the-go capabilities via Windows Live.

LG made a swift and decisive move to join the Windows Phone 7 party very early on, and the result is the LG Optimus 7. Like the competition, the Optimus 7 sports similar technical specifications, but throws in its very own apps such as Panorama Shot and Play To for wireless DLNA media streaming.

Samsung never lets up when it comes to dominating the electronics scene, so it’s no surprise to see the Korean company make its presence felt with Windows Phone 7. The Samsung Omnia 7 is unique in being the only available Windows Phone 7 device (till now) to sport a 4.0-inch OLED display.