Tutorial on How to Upgrade GPS Maps Using a Mercedes Navigation DVD

The Mercedes-Benz vehicle brand is one of America’s favorite deluxe motor vehicle producers.  Their cars are offered with functions and additional accessories manufactured to make your motoring adventure as gratifying as possible.   Of all the features present within Mercedes cars, one of the most valuable items that come as standard is the in-dashboard GPS navigation solution which comes with Navteq digital mapping for accurate routes and directions.

The in-dash Mercedes Navigation device is trustworthy, precise, and includes a good sized touchscreen display which has been designed with functionality in mind. On the flip side, the GPS navigation unit is only going to be as dependable as your road maps which are loaded on it… therefore the company advises that you should update the GPS roadmaps one or more times every 12 months. But how straightforward is it and precisely how would you manage it? Read on to identify in this quick tips and hints guide on how to use and install map updates using a new Mercedes Navigation DVD.

Get Fresh New Road Maps from Navteq

The maps on a Mercedes-Benz GPS navigation unit are made available by Navteq, and can only be purchased direct from their website or via a certified Mercedes-Benz distributor. The all new mapping come on a Mercedes Navigation DVD which is suitable for all models and units. If you need to find the Mercedes 2012 Navigation DVD you will need to visit the authorized Navteq online store, pick your car’s version and year, and next add to your shopping basket. More often than not there’s a chance you’re waiting as long as one week for it to be delivered, but when it does, installing the new software is generally very easy – here’s how you do it:

Setting up Mercedes-Benz Navigation Map Updates 

  1. Identify the DVD slot for your GPS device’s system. The majority of times this can be found in the dash or on much older cars it can sometimes be within the glovebox or beneath the driver’s car seat.
  2. If the current Mercedes navigation disc is still inside the drive, then remove it and then put in your brand-new Navteq upgrade disk.
  3. The Mercedes-Benz navigation system console should then present message showing “do you want to upgrade road maps” so as expected, you will need to click the “yes” icon.
  4. You will now have to type in your new DVD’s registration alphanumeric code using the touch screen – this registration number can be found at on the DVD label which came with the package in the post.
  5. The latest 2012 mapping and directions will now begin installing on auto-pilot so be sure to remember to never turn the Mercedes navigation system off in this whole process as it will increase the risk for the new software getting corrupted.
  6. The whole task typically takes thirty minutes and as soon as it’ finished you you may use the car again having the self-assurance of knowing that the car has got the most up to date directions and maps on it – so you can drive with confidence in the United States and Canada and many other regions.

The Reason Why You Should Update Mercedes GPS Maps

Research carried out by Navteq in Europe 2009 demonstrated that drivers that own and use an up to date GPS navigation unit are generally more likely so save money on energy and gas prices – and actually appear to diminish his or her carbon dioxide footprint over a 365 day period on account of not experiencing as many misguided roads or detours. Plus, the US Department of Highways routinely up-date and develop brand-new freeways in the country – and these will not be installed on your GPS which is a good enough reason for you to buy fresh new Mercedes-Benz Navigation DVDs so you can install new map up-grades.

Author Bio: This “how to” article about the Mercedes Navigation DVD and System Update was written and researched by Bob Simmons.  You can get more information on the process including video tutorials by visiting his website on: www.gpsnavigationdvd.net/mercedes-benz-navigation-dvd-system-update.