Viewsonic VPad

Tablet PCs are now starting to dominate the gadget scene. The users are on the verge of discussing, comparing and even showing off the latest tablets that they have while the manufacturers are even more determined to give their product a name with their tight jaws and clenched fists. Have a look on this new Viewsonic VPad. There are actually 2 versions of it. One is the Vpad 7 and the other is VPad 10. To easily compare this shooting tablet PC to the wonders of the first tablets, check the details of the VPad 7.

Getting a tablet PC is more often “the want” rather than “the need” of having to navigate through the websites in the ease of your palms. But for those who see it as a need, they would look at the size of the tablet. It is very amusing that the VPad comes in a seven inch screen instead of the regular nine or ten inches one. It will be easier to bring along. It is also using the latest version of Android which is 2.2. This is one of the features that is very favorable since it costs a lot more cheaper than the iPad.
This tablet has no issues on connectivity as it supports 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.

Another good thing about this tablet is that it is capable of running Microsoft Office files and it even has the adobe reader making PDF files readable. This feature will also let the user edit the files so it is very useful for professionals or even students who are regularly using those programs.

More of the useful rather than luxurious features of the Viewsonic Viewpad is its ability to support Google offered applications like Google Map and access to Gmail. Google Map is very practical for travelers. Speaking of travelers, you can also look into the ebook element of the tablet. It supports Aldiko, an application where you can read books in an ebook format.

Generally, this tablet already has a lot to offer for a value far cheaper than any other tablet PCs. Features on camera and video doesn’t have much more special but for people who are into the social networking will also enjoy the front and back camera that is also an advantage for those who are using Skype and the likes.